“Bayern isn’t showing any faith in Gotze”

One of the best Borussia Dortmund’s players in the last few years is struggling for confidence in his “new” club – Bayern Munich.

Mario Gotze’s agent publicly stated the fact that the German giant isn’t showing enough faith for the young player, causing the 23-year-olds low self esteem.

“It is natural that he was disappointed and he reflected afterwards, of course, I sometimes wished that Mario would have got more backing. As a player you are wondering: ‘Why am I not playing as a starter?’ Mario explicitly went to Bayern in order to play such great matches and win titles.”

“No. Mario did not even think about a summer exit for a second, he is an unbelievably professional footballer who works very hard. Many people don’t see that at all. I think the evaluation of his two years at Bayern is often incorrect. He played around 50 games each season and won four titles. And you should never forget that he recently became only 23 years old.”

“I am convinced: if Mario feels confidence it is easier for him to bring his unbelievable potential on the field. Then he will be one of the best players in the world.” – Volker Struth told to “Bild”.

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